The vibrant red, colour of passion, characterizes the interiors of this bedroom furnished with floral accessories and a romantic wrought-iron  poster bed.
Triple bedroom with a queen size bed, a pouf bed, bathroom with shower, toilet, hairdryer, courtesy set, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV in room upon request, mini-bar.

Antico Granaione b&b, Your accommodation Tuscany.

 Juicy pearl

"Many, many years ago

when the living species
still had to complete their evolution
the cherry tree
was an evergreen tree

indifferent to the freezing temperatures
and volcanic eruptions
it remained the same, ever unchanging
and the red pearls of its fruits
did not yet exist

then after an evolution
of millions of years
born from a first cell
in the depths of the sea
came man
came woman
and they connected immediately
and loved each other madly
but they realized
they were no longer living in an earthly paradise
and in order to escape the wild beasts
and venomous snakes
they loved each other
among the branches of the cherry tree

the stormy and harmonious

rhythm of the two lovers
shook the small forest
vibrating in unison
while their naked bodies
gently scratched from the branches
gifted to the tree
small traces of blood
in memory of their love

then the man and the woman discovered caves
invented huts and
quieter places
where they could love each other
without the acrobatic ups and downs of a tree

the cherry tree
became lonely and sad
and to immortalize the memory
of the two tender lovers
transformed each spring
the drops of blood left on the leaves
in small and juicy incandescent pearls
to the permitted fruit of their passion
from that primitive and ungracious land
and became a terrestrial paradise
only in their moments of love