The hall of Conviviality represents the heart of Antico Granaione b&b, where guests can share travel experiences, plan new trips, enjoy our buffet breakfast. The hall features fantastic wooden beams, a gorgeous floor of terracotta tiles enriched by a central travertine mosaic. The perfect balance of antique furniture and new decorative solutions make of this ample room the ideal space to welcome our guests and let them feel at home. A part of the Conviviality hall is reserved to the fully equipped kitchen where breakfast and recipes of local cuisine are prepared and where we can create Your perfect wedding in Tuscany. Our guests can, upon request, enjoy typical Tuscan dinners, special menu, cooking classes, wine tasting, events and banquets.

Choose Antico Granaione b&b for a perfect wedding Tuscany, Chianti and Crete Senesi.



Arriving on any day
at sunset
to the old granary
in the banquet hall
You'll find yourself ready for the refreshment
From the fatigues of the journey

Depending on the season you will find
the rude boar settled in these hills
from the woods of the swamps
refined with juniper, raisins and chocolate

or perhaps a cheerful panzanella
where the bread was born from the grain of these hills
rolling about and happy to play
with celery and tomatoes from the garden
and the basil that frames the window sill
while the secular olive oil
envelops all with tenderness and passion

or maybe you'll find the sheep’s cheese
born from milk taken from lambs
you will hear bleating in the pastures of the Val d'Orcia
enhanced by the honey bee
who stole the light and pollen from the sunflowers

but if the eyes
of the beautiful girl in front of you
look at you
without talking
as the eyes of the beautiful girls can do
when they stop talking
and begin to look at you

then you have no choice...
the wild boar, the panzanella, the sheep’s cheese...
you will not feel nor even smell them
and you can only but invite your beauty
to follow you
into one of the seven rooms
colored by grain

You have to choose
only the color and flavor
Cherry, Sage, wisteria, orange, mint, sunflower, lavender...

but any room you choose
colors will slowly disappear
only leaving
the black of night
and the sound of your breath