The shades of rose and green that decorate this bedroom, the natural wooden furniture induce to relax. Double bedroom with a queen size bed, bathroom with shower, toilet, hairdryer, courtesy set, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV in room, mini-bar.

 Antico Granaione b&b, Your Tuscany accommodation.

Leaves and twigs

Returning from a deer hunt
a knight carried his trophy
to the kitchen of the castle
where skilful hands
stuffed the prey
with leaves and sprigs of sage
and now amid fire made of the old oak trunk
they prepared the food
for a royal feast

the lady of the castle
had resisted his courtship
all of his poems
the songs he wrote for her
all the victories in his duels of chivalry
but perhaps now she would not resist
to a food so delicious
a prey captured just for her
cooked just for her
served only for her
among the light of a single candle

the beauty savoured
the tender flesh of venison
and like the candle
her eyes melted
in the eyes of the knight
now convinced
that this night she
would become
his sweet and gentle prey

now in the green room
in the highest tower of the castle
he stroked
the white meat of his lady
lit only by moonlight
but after a thousand and a thousand kisses
the scent of sage plants on the windowsill
mingled with
the sweat of his tormented skin
from the thousand battles
that made him realize that in reality
it was not she
but he himself the prey
the hunted deer

the noble lady
had gifted him the illusion
of being the great hunter
of deer and women
but now
madly in love
and held captive by her
he would no longer be able to escape
from the prison of her legs and arms
as white as the moon