The entrance door will lead You to the world of  authentic  Tuscany accomodation.
The stone room  is the area dedicated to relaxation. The structure of the hall is built of ancient local travertine and bricks and sustained by a vaulted ceiling that exalts the solidity of the palace. The original structure, thanks to a conservative restoration, has maintained  its beauty intact, recreating a venue dense of culture and traditions.
The lounge is located at the lower floor and it is perfect to have a rest before a traditional Tuscan dinner in the many typical restaurants of the surrounding villages.
Our relaxation room  is furnished with cosy and colourful sofa. Piano, books, board games, TV are at guests disposal.
It is also available for events, small parties, art and photographic exhibitions, music sessions.


Knights and dames

Nobody remembered
what mysterious spell
or what dark curse
turned it to stone
The knights and ladies
That for a hundred or more years
stood there motionless
sculptures born of frozen blood
and the pale stiffening of the skin
of a heart left to wait
another beat
that decided to never come

perhaps a witch
out of sheer malice
froze them without any particular reason
or perhaps the eruption of an ancient volcano
by now already disappeared
father of all the hot springs which surrounded it
having imprisoned them
in those forms ethereal and eternal

But someone recalls
That one afternoon in June
while in the hall of the castle
the noble lords were discussing trivially
of this and that
the changing time
the way to cook deer
the benefits of the nearby spa treatments
without any real interest
of nothing and no one
when suddenly
came a maiden
beautiful with black hair
and rested her hands white as doves
on the keys of the grand piano
white as his hands
black as her hair
and out came a sweet melody
such that the peasants of the fields
ceased to harvest grain
and cicadas, nightingales and field mice
out of proper respect
paused their work
everything stopped
in the countryside around the castle
and even the bubbles of hot springs
crackled softly
so as not to disturb
the sweet storm of sounds

but the lords of the castle
had not noticed anything
and continued to chat
of this and that
of little and of nothing
while the do, the re, the mi, the fa, E flat and the F sharp
the stone walls of the room

thus gradually
while the stars of the night
had anticipated their arrival
by listening to the music of the beautiful black haired woman
the knights and dames
gradually turned to stone
motionless and impassive
perhaps as they were
even when their bodies were of flesh

now entering that room
on a hot afternoon in June
when the walls gift you
a sweet coolness
or a winter’s night
when the north wind makes the windows cry and scream
you can still try to touch
the blacks and white keys of the piano
after a hundred years and more
the melody created from your hands
crack the indifference
of those knights and the ladies
who will perhaps begin to listen to
the delicate transition from a G7 agreement
that resolves naturally in C major
as a stream
naturally ends its run
throwing itself into the arms of the river
and then maybe the spell will break
and stone statues
hidden between the profiles of the wall
will come back to the breath

now, therefore,
when entering the room of stone
sit down at the piano
and begin to play