The intense green of the fresh mint brightens up the interiors of this bedroom furnished with an antique wrought iron bed, floral accessories,  elegant Tuscan style furniture.
Triple bedroom with a queen size bed, a single bed, bathroom with shower, toilet, hairdryer, courtesy set, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV in room, mini-bar.

 Antico Granaione b&b, Your accommodation Tuscany.

Sweet flavor of...

Who knows if the name of this plant
Is related to
the word myth
and now as the kiss
tenderly on the neck
in the green room
among the color and the scent
of mint leaves
I do not know if she really loves me
Or if she lies
if her kisses are sincere
or whether

she is thinking of another

who knows
but now I've stopped thinking
my legs are intertwined with hers
like ivy around oak
My hands caress her skin
so perfectly smooth
my lips glide like a stream
on the delicate slope of her back
and everything tastes like
sweet mint